Low-Carbon Casting Material System

There are 2 billion tons of industrial and construction waste every year, most of it is concrete.

In the UK, that accounts for 35% of all waste. Traditional concrete production and its manufacturing methods that make up the wasted majority are responsible for one-third of CO2 emissions in the world.

Concrete needs a sustainable alternative.

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Re-Block affordable Solution

Patented material formulas that upcycle existing waste into beautiful, sustainable alternatives to concrete.

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Our patentable revolutionary technology makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an planet-friendly alternative to traditional building materials.


We have generated significant traction since founding in 2024 through awards, partnerships, exhibitions and consumer interviews.

March 2024
SustainTech Competition Winner

The Target Customers

Re-Block is designed for forward-thinking clients across the creative industry, luxury brands, art institutions, and innovative retail sectors. Our client seeks sustainable, high-performance building materials that do not compromise on aesthetics or environmental integrity.

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The strategy to achieve it.

Our strategy is clear: Highlight our AI-driven, customizable solutions and our commitment to sustainability to not just meet but exceed the design and environmental expectations of the creative and luxury markets. We aim to increase our visibility through targeted marketing and networking, setting the stage for future collaborations with larger luxury and retail brands. This phased approach ensures we build credibility and gather the momentum needed for scaling up our impact within the design world.

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Team ( Email us for details )

Board of Directors

CEO & Material Design Engineer

Dyson Award Winner​, Design works published on BBC, the Times.​5+ year experience in material design

CTO & Material Scientist

5+ year experience in material design20+ peer-reviewed paper5+ patentsRich start-up experience

CPO & Manufacturing Manager

5+ year experience in industrial design and manufacturing10+ year experience in sales and marketing

COO & Design Manager

Red Dot Winner Exhibition at Milan, London, Dutch Design Week. Found a charity start-up Looop Can

Management & Board of Advisors

Architect & Visual AI Expert

leads AI-driven customization
initiatives for Re-Block materials. Her innovative AI project garnered significant attention from Arduino and Fast Company.

Creative technologist

Founder of AI company Klaio, enhances Re-Block product development through digital integration.

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